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Company Story

Started off as a “GRUHA UDYOD” with creative driving force of Aarti Deshpande Sabnis, aArtyz came into form. The initial set up was catered only for one table and one printer. Aartyz has now grown leaps and bounds with time. Operations started with customized hand block printing on sarees, bedsheets, dupattas and moved to other fashion categories and designer wear. We now cater to a vast portfolio of products and have huge product line. WE aim at providing sustainable employment opportunities and promote MAKE IN INDIA. As a brand we are committed towards our clients and ensure that our product quality, variety and value for money is top notch. We take great pride in providing excellent shopping experience with personalised services and options like customization. Deep rooted respect for culture and traditions is reflected in our collection. Using TRADITIONAL BLOCK PRINTING technique, we design and craft every single product. These printing blocks are made of teak wood and the ink used is permanent pigment ink. This ensures fine designs and long lasting colors. Towards making our products eco friendly, we now are in process of printing with vegetable dyes and natural colors. The products of this brand are available on most of the popular online portals like AMAZON and FLIPKART. 

Who are we

We are proud “ALL WOMEN ORGANISATION ” which aims at generating employment opportunities and providing financial freedom to creative and aspiring women. We take pride in providing free training to underprivileged women to make them self reliant. Currently eight ladies are the power behind this brand with Aarti at its helm.


To be an iconic brand with global presence providing Ethnic Handcrafted Clothing and Home Decor items of fine quality at reasonable price


To train women in the skill of hand block printing to make them self reliant and provide employment opportunities. To design and create hand crafted products at reasonable cost

Production Process

Aartyz has a unique manufacturing approach, where craft person focus on craft only. Other supporting activities [ pre and post production] are being taken care by experts in the respective fields. We developed equipments and techniques which help us reduce wastage and re working. We have created infrastructure to get the optimum output from each skill. This has increased the average earning of our craft person.

We at Aartyz, believe in learning and reinventing the art of hand block printing. Gathering inspiration and expertise from various parts of India such as Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujrat, we are making improvements and modifications in the current process [due to the climate of Nagpur and quality of water] and adopt them in our printing method. We also take inspiration and ideas from different techniques to create new concepts. We are currently catering to a selection of fashion designers, garment manufacturers, boutiques and organised retail chain stores. Our export division is instrumental in taking this brand across the globe.

Entrepreneurs Story In Brief

Aarti Deshpande Sabnis – Founder & Creative head

There is no force equal to that of a determined woman. Aarti Deshpande Sabnis is an example of creativity, determination and passion. She is also an inspiration to countless other women who are scared to step out of the shadows into the limelight. A dedicated Naval wife and a mother to two teenage boys, Aarti started off as a Sales Manager and went on to being a Branch Manager in the Financial sector. As a wife of a Naval officer, she chose to adapt her career as per the opportunities she received.

Always inclined towards creativity and a gifted artist herself, Aarti found her calling after a chance meeting with other enterprising ladies who were showcasing their creations at an exhibition. Her own attention to detail and passion towards art is what gave birth to Aartyz. Started as a ‘GRUHA UDYOG” , Aartyz has grown leaps and bounds with time. Aarti plunged into establishing her own niche in the fashion industry and wholeheartedly took care of all the aspects right from the material sourcing, designing, manufacturing and marketing of the products. The unfaltering support of her husband, children, parents and in-laws resulted in her establishing a full-fledged unit in Nagpur. Her keen business acumen and commitment towards quality quickly gained her popularity. Starting on a small scale, Aartyz is now set to make its mark in both national and international market.

Aparna Sabnis – CEO

Mrs Aparna Sabnis is the CEO of Aartyz and is at the helm of running all the operations smoothly and efficiently. For almost four decades of marriage, Mrs.Sabnis, till now spent her life as a devoted housewife and a mother. Being a parent to two officers in the armed forces is not easy. Her meticulous and good upbringing is reflected in her children and grandchildren. Mrs.Sabnis has a fabulous eye for detail and she is blessed with a keen sense of business. She broke all stereotypes of gender and age when she took a keen interest in her daughter in law’s new venture. Apart from her immense faith, she also provided all the necessary support which was required since the inception of Aartyz. She takes care of almost all the aspects like staff procurement, production, post-production, sales and marketing. Her enthusiasm, integrity and impeccable moral values have helped Aartyz grow into a brand. She is an inspiration to countless other women who are still searching for a purpose during their retirement years. She not only is a strong pillar of support to her daughter in law but also a valuable asset to the company.

Our Clients

Fashion designers

Garments manufacturers

Organised retail chain stores


Retailers and Resellers


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