Relive your memories...

Relive your memories by upcycling the sarees you had long forgotten in a trunk or in the corner of your wardrobe. You have any idea in mind for repurposing your wedding saree or other heavy sarees which you can't use but have memories attached to it? Share it with us and we will give your imagination a physical form. Send your sarees to us and we will give them a makeover, the way you like- curtains, ethnic cushion covers, drapes, table runners.

Once you basked in their weaves and blushed in the glow they gave to your skin. Now let the beauty of those threads add to the elegance of your home décor.

Add an ethnic charm to your clothing with our designs made out of your old tussar silks and golden zari

Give a bohemian feel to the house with those elegant chiffons and georgettes you had been wondering about using in some way or the other.

How about a formal dress or western wear made out of your favorite drape? Take your beautiful nine yards of silk out and refashion them in the most exquisite designs. Visit the memory lanes. Tell the stories again because each saree is an emotion, a story which needs to be told.

Would you like flaunting a serving tray or a paper napkin holder or a cutlery box made using the saree which you never used but couldn't discard due to its emotional value?

Have you ever thought of making couple clothing from a saree?

Want something more personalized? How about a sling bag or a potli bag?