We conduct regular Block Printing workshops, Classes and short courses for Fashion Designing students, ladies and summer workshops for children. 

Anyone with a passion to learn the art of block  printing and wishes to work in the creative field can join this group of enthusiasts.

Hand block printing is one of the most famous traditional art of Rajasthan.  We are taking efforts to introduce this art to people of Nagpur. Workshops are held for those who wants to learn this beautiful traditional art. During these workshops one gets to develop their skills in block printing and also gain experience by learning and working alongside skilled craft person. It is very interesting how prints are hand made with small wooden blocks, usually with different colors.

At the end of the workshop you will learn

  • How to do printing with hand crafted wooden blocks

  • How pigment ink works

  • How to create a design using different blocks

  • How to make different shades of same colour and different colours using basic colours

  • How to choose basic fabric for block printing

  • What treatment should be given to fabric before printing

  • What measures one should take to give colours a lasting effect.

We have designed different certification programmes for students and aspiring professionals, Cost of the programme will include the conceptualization, designing and printing of following items excluding the cost of bed sheet.

Course structure 

Basic course – for beginners. Duration 10 days. In this you will get to learn printing on –

  • Greeting card

  • Table mats – 06

  • Carry bags

  • Small table cloth /Napkin

  • Two pillow covers

Detailed course – For aspiring learners. Duration two 15 days. This course will include printing on –

  • Greeting card

  • Table mats -06

  • Carry bags

  • Dupatta 01

  • Single bed sheet

  • Saree

Professional course- For textile and fashion designing students/ interns. Duration 01 month. In this course you will understand the basics of hand block printing.

  • Printing items- basic course + detailed course

  • One suit piece [ Salwar+kurta+dupatta

  • One double bed sheet + pillow covers

  • Detailed theory sessions

  • Dos and don’s of printing

  • How to prepare fabric for printing

  • Post printing requirements and care of fabric 

  • How to make different shades and colors from basic colors

  • How much should be the perfect thickness and consistency of colors to be used

  • Drying process and ironing techniques

  • Wash care instructions 

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4 thoughts on “Workshop

  1. I recently finished the professional course (1month) of block printing, here in the workshop and found it totally worth & interesting. Everything is taught in detail and personal attention is given to the student. The outcome on products after the completion of course is really beautiful! Interested folks in block printing do have a great opportunity to get a hands on experience here!

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